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C++ Development Cheat Sheet

Ever wanted to get a list of best C++ practices? Well look no further.  Kudos to Urs Enzler for creating it.

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C++ STL Container Cheat Sheet

While meandering across the internet, I found this really cool chart: it helps you select which of the C++ STL containers to use in function of a set of desired criteria.  Check it out!

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Cold Frame Monitor

Controller and Display boards inside a project box.

We (household members and I) have recently ordered a handmade cold frame made of recycled household building materials. These little boxes are pretty cool: by relying solely on passive solar energy, one can grow all sorts of food during the

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Halloween LEDs

Happy Halloween!

There comes a time in a mouse’s life when it is no longer a mouse: it transpires away from the realm of the living and joins the ever increasing pile of electronics junk. My mouse, computer mouse that is, gave

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Building a Solar Powered Light

Ugly boxing job, but hey... it works!

As this is my first post for the TeraCharge website, I think a bit of history is in order (I promise I’ll keep it short). When I’m not at work, or out snowboarding/mountain biking, I typically find myself in a

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